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Welcome to Allergence, a free of service of SnackSafely.com that provides you with full transparency regarding how 11 allergens are processed during the manufacture of each product.

Want to know if milk is processed in the same manufacturing line or sesame is processed in same facility as a product? Allergence will show you for each of the 11 allergens we track. Need to know if the product is certified kosher, organic, non-GMO, or gluten-free? Allergence will show you that as well.

We are the only source of this information because we partner directly with responsible manufacturers who are committed to full transparency to the benefit of the allergic community. They use our proprietary platform to enter this information after which it undergoes an extensive editorial process.

If you like the transparency provided by Allergence, please call the manufacturers of your favorite products and ask them to participate. Partnering with us is free to all manufacturers willing to provide us with direct, timely information regarding their manufacturing practices.

Keep in mind that we are previewing this service with many additional products and new features to be introduced in the coming days and weeks. Your feedback is very important to us, especially during these early days. Feel free to let us know what we're doing right and what we could be doing better by clicking the "Contact Us" link in the navigation bar above and telling us like it is.

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