Jack's Allergen Friendly Bakery
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Company Information

Jack actually isn’t a person, it’s an acronym for the people in our family - Josh, Avery, Cadence, and Karissa.

We started our company in 2015 due to several dietary restrictions and a frustration with the lack of tasty, safe, ready-to-eat options at the grocery store. We’ve worked hard to make a line of better-for-you, allergy friendly products that nearly anyone can eat and also that nearly everyone will actually WANT to eat. All of our products are free from all major allergens except for coconut.

Allergen Policy

Our products are made in a dedicated facility without any major allergens except for coconut.

Satisfaction Policy

We aim to make every customer 100% happy. We always provide refunds for any quality control issue. We don't provide refunds for cookies that break during shipping as they are soft, and we are very clear on our order page that cookies breaking is likely to happen during shipping.

A Word About Allergence

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We work directly with responsible manufacturers who disclose to us how 11 allergens are processed in their facilities and on the lines where each product is manufactured. We track: peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk, wheat, soy, fish, crustcean shellfish, sesame, gluten, and mustard and can advise you whether products are suitable for your family's dietary retrictions based on profiles you enter.