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Founded by award winning cheesemaker Karen Getz in 2015 when she couldn't find a gluten free cracker that she thought was as good as her cheeses. Better With Buckwheat Maine Crisps are delicious grain and gluten-free crisp crackers made from the superseed: buckwheat. Launching nationally this spring are the new family friendly Better With Buckwheat snacking crackers. Our buckwheat is grown in Maine and upstate New York and we source as many ingredients as possible from Maine and New England in addition to baking these healthful and tasty crisps in our new 17,500 square foot facility in mid-Maine. Perfect with your favorite cheese, dip or just on their own, the Better With Buckwheat Maine Crisps are the fastest growing specialty cracker in the Northeast. The crisps are available in 5 unique flavor combinations: Savory Fig & Thyme, Wild Blueberry Walnut, Cranberry Almond and Olive & Za'atar. The snacking crackers are available in 3 classic flavors: Sea Salt, Everything, and Rosemary. Buckwheat is an 8000 year old grain and gluten free seed that is part of the rhubarb family. Enjoyed around the world as an integral part of diets due to its unique taste and nutritional benefits, buckwheat hasn't been brought to US consumers in tasty snacks until now. In addition to being a regenerative crop that requires no pesticides and can grow in the harshest of climates it's also: - naturally grain and gluten-free - plant based complete protein - low glycemic index - rich in fiber - full of key vitamins (B2, B3, magnesium, phosphorus) - rich in rutin and quercetin; aids in reducing inflammation, strengthening heart and brain health

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We work directly with responsible manufacturers who disclose to us how 11 allergens are processed in their facilities and on the lines where each product is manufactured. We track: peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk, wheat, soy, fish, crustcean shellfish, sesame, gluten, and mustard and can advise you whether products are suitable for your family's dietary retrictions based on profiles you enter.