Cooper Street Cookies
Manufacturer Information
Company Information

Cooper Street is a Michigan based, Women Owned company that specializes in better for you snacks. Our two product lines include delicious Twice Baked Cookies and Granola Bakes that include local Michigan fruit, and are allergen friendly with No Peanuts, No Dairy, and No Soy.

Allergen Policy

All Cooper Street products are manufactured in dedicated peanut free facilities. The products are also dairy free, soy free, low sodium, non-GMO, no HFCS, no trans fat and have no artificial ingredients.

The twice baked cookies are manufactured in a facility that also handles soy, dairy and tree nuts.

The granola cookie bakes are manufactured in a facility that also handles soy and dairy.

Satisfaction Policy

We do not have a blanket satisfaction policy. If a customer is not satisfied with our product, they need to contact us at Each inquiry is handled on a case by case basis to make sure the consumer is satisfied with their purchase.