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At INBalance Health Corp we are dedicated to providing healthy snack bar alternatives, like the INBar, that are completely allergen free and suitable for diabetics and everyone else! Proper insulin balance is crucial to living a long, healthy life. That’s why we created the INBar, a healthy and delicious snack alternative to help satisfy your hunger in a sensible manner. INBar is doctor-formulated to help you better manage your weight by minimizing blood sugar spikes and controlling hunger the right way – with real, organic ingredients. INBar isn’t made with dangerous chemical additives or artificial sweeteners. Just balanced, whole food nutrients that will fill you up for hours. INBars are Allergen-Free and contain NO wheat, soy, eggs, corn, dairy or nuts and are not made on shared equipment containing wheat, soy, corn or nuts!

Allergen Policy

Allergens Policy

INBalance Health Corp recognizes the following as allergens & where possible have transferred the guidelines to our product. The INBars are produced to be free of the following Allergens:

1. Eggs

2. Gluten

3. Milk

4. Nuts

5. Peanuts

6. Soybeans

We at INBalance Health Corp, and our manufacturer, responsibly source ingredients from reputable suppliers whose allergen status is known & we actively avoid introducing these and new allergens to our manufacturing site.

No allergens are present during the manufacturing of any INBalance Health Corp products. Our suppliers of raw ingredients & packaging are risk assessed to determine the probability of unintentional presence of allergens. Our manufacturer has procedures & training in place for all staff to prevent any contamination occurring on site.

We at INBalance Health Corp constantly review our ingredients and give our consumers the clearest view on the absence of allergens in our products.

Satisfaction Policy

Customer Satisfaction Policy

INBalance Health Corp follows a customer focused approach where customers may conveniently relay their requests and dissatisfaction, and where such requests and complaints are handled in an objective, fair, attentive manner with utmost respect for privacy. Customer requests and comments are assessed in a manner that will not be in violation of the legal provisions and company policy, and where necessary improvements and controls are carried out in an ongoing manner to ensure the same dissatisfaction does not repeat, and which is based on transparency in their relations with customers and adheres to the main principle of remedying cases of customer dissatisfaction and that the customer must be informed as soon as possible. INBalance Health Corp utilizes economic, social and environmental resources in a sustainable manner.

Our Customer Satisfaction Rules

? We first and foremost accept the fact that our customers are “Right”, and examine the reason behind the complaint from this point of view.

? We investigate each and every matter relayed to us, and get a chance to improve our processes.

? We adopt an approach that is in line with our customers’ expectations of quality service.

? We desire to establish a customer – company relationship that is strong, right, clear and ensures continuity, as far as the products or services our company offers directly or indirectly for the customers are concerned.

? We respond to every notification with a fair and objective approach.

? We care for the privacy of customer information.

? We adopt providing services that are designed to address the customers’ requests with our professional staff, using a professional approach.