Countertop Productions, Inc.
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Artisan manufacturer of innovative bakery products and consumer packaged prebiotic energy snacks.

Allergen Policy

Our company manufacturers bakery products using proprietary recipes. We make 2 products with multiple flavor extensions. Spark Bites are one of our branded products.

Spark Bites are a pre-biotic energy snack. There are no ingredients in the product derived from the Top 8 allergens, but the product is made on equipment shared with products made with allergens.

We adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices standards and are audited annually by an independent third party. We are happy to share our audit results. Per the standards of the GMP protocols, we test our facility and manufacturing processes, including cleaning steps, at least annually to verify that our documented regiments for cleaning and eliminating the presence of allergens are valid.

We also test our product to confirm the absence of allergens at least annually to further verify that our procedures are valid.

Production lines in our facility are NOT dedicated to be allergen-free. However, we limit production runs by day to specific products. So, Spark Bites are made on days dedicated to Spark Bites in order to lessen the threat of cross-contamination of equipment or utensils during production.

All ingredients are labeled and maintained in clearly marked containers with Identifying name, lot, and expiry information plainly visible. Allergen ingredients are tagged as Allergens and stored in areas separated and/or below non-allergen ingredients.

Allergens that are present in our facility: wheat (gluten), eggs, milk (milk, butter, cream cheese), peanuts (peanut butter), coconut, soy (chocolate).

Allergens not present: shellfish, fish, mustard, sesame,

Satisfaction Policy

Please be advised that Countertop Productions, Inc. (hereafter “Company”) is the sole manufacturer and marketer of the product Warren Brown’s Spark Bites.® The Company expressly guarantees the quality of the product to be as it is declared on the standard retail packaging, whether product is packaged in bulk packaging that is not ready for retail or if the product appears in standard retail packaging. Anyone who is not satisfied with the product is encouraged to notify the Company of the problem and we will be happy to review and respond to any complaint or claim.