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Algamar is diversifying the American diet to include nutritious and sustainable protein options that reduce overall carbon & biological footprint of how we feed or are fed.

in 1996 Algamar was founded in Spain by 2 brothers, pioneers in sustainable hand harvesting of wild seaweeds in the coast of Galicia. Hand harvesting and hand selection of fresh and dried seaweed guarantees a high quality product and supports local communities with sustainable employment.

What do Algamar Products Stand For?

Best organic quality from sustainable harvest. The wild seaweed that Algamar uses for its products is harvested by hand on the cleanest stretch of Spain's Atlantic coast in Galicia according to the Algae Utilization Plan. They are brushed while still in the water and then gently dried at a temperature of below 42 degrees Celsius. This guarantees the highest organic quality and a harvest that is kind to nature.

Versatility. We don't see our algae as exotic food for special occasions, but as a completely normal and versatile part of a healthy, modern diet. Our seaweed can be used in almost any dish. Whether salads, pasta, together with vegetables, with casseroles, pizza or quiche - algae add a little pinch of the sea and lots of healthy nutrients everywhere!

The ideal addition to a healthy diet. Seaweed is a natural source of protein and fiber. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and natural iodine. The indigestible sodium alginate and high-quality dietary fiber in seaweed also help to detoxify our bodies. They therefore offer a high added value for healthy nutrition.

Particularly suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets. More and more people today are opting for a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. If you pay attention to balance, you can eat nutritious and healthy food without animal products. Of course, the environment also plays a major role: Anyone who eats vegan food conserves resources and thus lives sustainably and environmentally conscious.

Allergen Policy

100% FDA compliant and FSVP at the Production Plant in Spain + Importer in Miami.

FSPCA Trained and certified.

Last Facilities certifications and Audits tool place Q3 2022.

Facilites and Ingredients are Organic Certified at the EU level + Sustainable and Ethically certified.

All our Facilities are Vegan - NO-GMO - Organic -

We have only 1 product that contains Spelt and is considered Non-Gluten Free. All others are Gluten Free.

There is no cross contamination on that front.

Algamar has been awarded EU price for Green - Sustainable enterprise of the Year mainly due to our work in relation to Sustainability towards the Ocean, Coastal Communities and efforts in the processes like Bio-Mass for Drying of Seaweeds and Photovoltaic system to run our Installations.

In June 2023 Algamar products have been awarded the GLOBAL PLANT BASED certification.

Satisfaction Policy

Labelling Policies are 100% compliant with EU + FDA USA norms and reviewed periodically. i.e in December we put in motions the new FDA Disclosures for Allergens / Trace for Labels.

Only allergens that are today active ingredient in products are

A) Spelt. Fully labelled in 1 of our Rice Cakes.

B) Soya. (that is being discontinued in favor of bruit based soya alternative)

Both processes are completely separated at the facility to secure no cross contamination

As trace allergen we need to also disclose possible traces os shell fish in our Dried Seaweeds.

We only had 1 return over the years because a consumer thought Organic Dried Kombu was "salty" and prefers to go back to Nori Dried Sheets from Cosco. ! We simply refund.