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OWYN (Only What You Need) is a collection of our experiences and the knowledge we accumulated as professional athletes turned fitness enthusiasts. We learned what the body needs to perform at elite levels as well as what it takes to simply look and feel good every day.

Most importantly, we saw how proper nutrition has the power to change your life, and must contain three key elements: amazingly clean plant-based ingredients, superior functionality, and a taste so good you’ll always enjoy. Bringing these three together took over four years to do, but it’s been well worth the wait. Thanks to mouths, brains, and stomachs of all our friends and family who helped!

Allergen Policy

OWYN allergen-free process fundamentals;

- Vet the suppliers & determine the degree of top 8 allergen cross-contamination risk for each ingredient;

- OWYN’s allergen protocol regulatory consultant, and third party R&D agency developed a raw material evaluation program supported by SOPs, RM supplier outreach + upstream sourcing & conversation information

- Solicit & review supplier ingredient documentation for every lot;

- Enlist 3rd party labs to test every lot using an accredited methodology;

- Testing comprises accredited procedures as approved by AOAC and FDA BAM

- Maintain records confirming chain of custody from point of origin to the co-man;

- Bills of lading, shipping manifests & warehouse moves

- Test every finished goods lot to confirm there was no cross-contamination at the point of conversion

- Maintain an electronic archive of all relevant, lot-level ingredient & finished goods documentation (ideally formatted as relevant PDF files saved in an electronic folder with a naming convention by SKU name, mfg date & finished goods lot #) with copies sent to OWYN;

- Initial supplier vetting documentation

- +Finished goods lot level test results

- +corresponding lot level ingredient supplier documentation, chain of custody & 3rd party test results

Satisfaction Policy

If a product purchased via the Site does not match the product description in your order confirmation, you may return your purchase within thirty (30) days of your receipt for a refund of the purchase price (excluding any fees such as shipping and processing fees). You may return merchandise for a refund by contacting us at