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Herr Foods is a manufacturer and distributor of salty snacks.

Allergen Policy

Allergens entirely excluded: Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Egg, Fish, Shellfish.

Herr Foods Allergen Control Program


To identify the control measures necessary to prevent undeclared food allergens from being introduced into finished goods.


Food Allergy – abnormal response of the immune system, especially the production of allergen-specific IgE antibodies, to naturally occurring proteins in certain foods that most individuals can eat safely.

Food Intolerance/Chemical Sensitivity – abnormal reaction to food or food components that does not involve

the immune system.

Undeclared Food Allergen – a product shall be considered to contain an undeclared food allergen when:

I. The product contains one or more allergenic ingredients, but the label does not declare the ingredient.

II. The product becomes contaminated with an allergenic ingredient due to the failure to exercise adequate control procedures; i.e., improper rework practices, allergen carry-over due to use of common equipment and production sequencing, inadequate cleaning.

III. The product becomes contaminated with an allergenic ingredient due to the nature of the process; i.e., use of common equipment where interim wet cleaning is not practical and only dry cleaning and product flushing is used.

IV. The product contains a flavor ingredient that has an allergenic component, but the label of the product only declares the flavor; i.e., natural flavor.

V. The product contains a processing aid that has an allergenic component, but the label of the product does not declare the allergen.


I. The materials listed below may cause severe, potentially life-threatening reactions in people with food allergies. Herr Foods, Inc, the United States Food and Drug Administration consider the following to be Food Allergens:

A. Eggs and egg products (albumin, ovalbumin)

B. Fish (all species of fin fish)

C. Milk and milk products (butter, buttermilk, casein, cheese, cottage cheese, curds, whey, caseinate)

D. Peanuts and peanut products*

E. “Shellfish”

1. Crustacea (crab, crayfish, lobster, shrimp)

2. Mollusks (mussels, octopi, oysters, scallops, snails)

F. Soy and soy products*

G. Tree nuts (almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, chestnuts, hazelnuts/filberts, hickory nuts, macadamia

nuts, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios, walnuts)

H. Wheat and wheat products (bran, farina, wheat germ, gluten, semolina)

I. Note: Refer to other countries for specific Allergen Requirement if applicable.

*Highly refined, bleached and deodorized products in which the entire protein fraction has been removed are to be considered to be non-allergenic (i.e. soybean oil and peanut oil).

II. The materials listed below may cause severe, potentially life-threatening reactions in people with a chemical sensitivity to sulfites. Allergen control procedures are exercised if the level of sulfites (as total SO2) present in an ingredient is greater than or equal to 10 ppm.

A. Potassium bisulfite

B. Potassium metabisulfite

C. Sodium bisulfite

D. Sodium metabisulfite

E. Sodium sulfite

F. Sulfur dioxide

III. The “V-Lookup” scheduling system identifies the presence of a food allergen.

IV. The ingredient statement on each container of finished product identifies the presence, and states the identity of a food allergen.

V. Research and Development personnel are aware of the ingredients that contain food allergen

components. These ingredients are avoided whenever feasible.

VI. Manufacturing QA is responsible for establishing control systems to manage the list of ingredients containing food allergens and the finished product varieties containing food allergens. The lists are revised when varieties or ingredients are added, deleted, or reformulated. HACCP plans are updated accordingly.

VII. Compliance Manager assures that:

A. A complete listing of all ingredients is present on the product label

B. Food allergens are labeled in compliance with government regulations

C. Ingredient statement revisions, if necessary, are performed any time a product reformulation occurs

D. Label information reflects the approved recipe

E. Labeling exemptions do not compromise ingredient identity

IX. Planner / Scheduler must assure that:

A. Production is scheduled so that varieties containing allergens are produced after varieties that do not contain allergens

B. A full chemical clean up is scheduled after the production of varieties that contain allergens before a non-allergen variety is produced, unless the allergen profile of the second variety is identical to that of the first

C. A hot water rinse is scheduled after the production of varieties that contain sulfites before a non-sulfite variety is produced

D. The chemical clean up includes all ingredient and product contact surfaces

X. Rework of product is limited to identical products with identical formulations. Production and Quality Assurance personnel assure that finished product labels used match the formulation of the product to be labeled. Product mislabeled that compromises allergen control is considered on Hold.

XI. Materials must be received, stored and handled in a manner to prevent cross-contamination.

XII. Raw material ingredient bins, scoops, sieves, intermediate containers etc must be either specific to each ingredient/allergen or cleaned in between use.

XII. Production and Quality Assurance personnel are responsible for training employees on food allergens and their control in the factory environment.

Satisfaction Policy

Herr's Product Guarantee

All Herr's products are fully guaranteed. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with this product, please write to us stating the reason for dissatisfaction and include your name and address, date stamp (upper right corner, front of bag), and UPC block (lower corner, back of bag). Send your letter to HERR FOODS INC., PO BOX 300, NOTTINGHAM, PA 19362-0300, ATTN CUSTOMER SERVICE, or call toll free 1-800-523-5030 weekdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. We will send a replacement coupon.

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