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That's it.® is dedicated to making snacking healthier, easier, and delicious for everyone, everywhere. We only use simple, all-natural ingredients made from real fruits and dark chocolate, with no refrigeration needed, and free from the Top 12 Allergens.

Whether you are heading to the gym, at school or in between work meetings, we’ve taken the work out of giving your body the clean, plant-based fuel it needs.

We only use natural, non-GMO fruit sourced from organic-practicing farms, we’re vegan, kosher, gluten-free, fat free, and Paleo certified. There’s no washing, cutting or peeling required, plus, we don’t add any preservatives, colors, sugars or extra ingredients you can’t pronounce.

All of our products have 5 or fewer ingredients—so simple, the way nature intended. Seriously, That’s it.®

Fruit Snacks & Dried Fruit:
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Allergen Policy

We are completely allergen-free regarding the 8 major food allergens. It's true that one of our products contain coconuts as an ingredient, but coconuts are technically fruits, not tree nuts, and allergies to coconuts are rare. We have stringent manufacturing processes (including disinfecting procedures) to ensure that there are no contamination issues with the 8 major food allergens (milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts (besides coconuts), fish, shellfish, soy, wheat).

Satisfaction Policy

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our products. If there are issues of any kind, please let us know at and we will make it right.