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Else Nutrition USA is part of a global company with a mission to create real, plant-based alternatives for parents who want a cleaner, more sustainable way to nourish their babies (than dairy or soy-based options). We are Else. We are a globally patented, plant-based alternative to dairy and soy-based formulas and nutrition products. Else is made with WHOLE plant ingredients, using the cleanest production process and 3 core ingredients – ones you can actually pronounce: almonds, buckwheat, tapioca.

Else is endorsed by Pediatricians, Nutritionists and Parents! That’s because we’re different than anything else out there, meeting the highest standard for nutrition and parent expectations for a clean label product. Most other plant-based products are for adults or contain only ‘some’ plant nutrition or just don’t taste good.

But why flip the script on everything we’ve come to expect from baby nutrition? Because we’ve stood where today’s parents are standing. And we demanded something different too.

It’s more than nutrition. It’s truly something Else.

Allergen Policy

Our unique blend consists mainly of 3 ingredients - Organic Almond Butter, Organic Buckwheat Powder, and Organic Cassava Root (Tapioca). Then a vitamin & mineral pre-mix is added to ensure adequate levels for babies/toddlers/kids.

We work with our third-party manufacturers to ensure there is no dairy or soy, or any of the other top allergens (besides almonds) in our products. We test raw ingredients, in process product, and final product for quality and potential contaminants.

All products are also Clean Label Project certified against over 400 impurities, including heavy metals, pesticides, and plastics.

Satisfaction Policy

100% money back guarantee if not satisfied