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The best-tasting Shiitake grows on Japanese Sweet Oak. Our area is blessed with wild Japanese Oak and is harvested by traceable growers who we know personally. We buy all their shiitake upfront in cash to minimize their risk and help our aging growers do their hard work. Local disabled people are employed with fair wages to help and are the secret weapon to improve the quality of our shiitake powder. We were awarded the 2020 Sustainability Award by the Japanese Government, endorsed by Iron Chef Judge Dr. Hattori Yukio, and have Organic and Kosher Certification.

Our growers are dedicated to harvesting the best quality shiitake and promoting a local way of life and heritage. 600+ local growers cut wild oak trees into logs, cure the logs before introducing shiitake spawn for a two-season harvest. The logs will last 5-7 years before they are replaced, and the wild Oak grows back naturally in 15 years. The periodic cutting of trees helps promote better plant undergrowth and water quality. Growers carefully tailor their harvest to meet different weather and micro-climates. Our Shiitake is dependent on a strong local community harnessing and protecting the powers of nature.

The best innovation is the right mix of what and what not to change. The most flavourful and environmentally friendly Shiitake can only grow naturally and slowly. Not quickly, in modern greenhouses, using large amounts of energy, water, and chemicals. We use a 1,000-year-old cultivation technique that is 100% natural, sustainable, and dependent upon smallholding local community agriculture. To appeal to more modern and global tastes, we constantly innovate to improve our product's quality and taste. Our Shiitake has the least moisture content, the most Vitamin D, zero insect infestation, and probably the only natural kosher-certified.

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Contains no allergenic substances. All of our products are Kosher certified.

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