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I am a mom first, so after learning of my son's long list of food sensitivities, I naturally started making various goodies to help "fill the void". It turned out that my son wasn’t the only one being left out at snack time, and realizing this turned something born of necessity into a passion for life. To sum it up in one word, FreeYumm is all about being INCLUSIVE!

At FreeYumm we want kids to always feel included. And being free of the Top 9 Allergens makes it possible for up to 99% of kids to share in the fun! But the tricky part is also making everything 100% Yummy! Free-From + Yumm guarantees that our snacks are welcomed as a treat by one and all!

We have earned the trust of families across the US and Canada, because we can be relied on to deliver snacks that are delicious, healthful and always free of the Top 9 Allergens, Gluten and GMOs.

I hope you love what you discover with FreeYumm and feel inspired to be inclusive with your choices! #ShareTheYumm!

Allergen Policy

FreeYumm operates a dedicated facility that is NSF HACCP Certified.

Our products and facility are free of the following Major Allergens, which are never allowed on the premises. FreeYumm conducts routine tests for the presence of these proteins (including Coconut*), in our final products. :

1. Dairy

2. Egg

3. Wheat/Gluten

4. Peanut

5. Tree Nut

6. Soy

7. Fish

8. Shellfish

9. Mustard

10. Sesame

11. Sulphites

*We list Coconut Palm Sugar in the ingredient list on our packages. Our products test clean for the presence of Coconut Protein, however we understand that some customers may still want to avoid this ingredient.

The following allergens are not allowed into the Bakery or used as an ingredient in our products:

1. Corn

2. Potato