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We are not Nuts, because we are the exclusive importers of Tiger Nuts from the finest Organic growers in Spain, and we market to health minded people, via fine Health Food stores across the USA or our web site www.tigernutsusa.com

When is a nut not a nut? When it's a Tiger Nut. Tiger Nuts are not nuts at all, they're tubers that grow in the ground and have been around for over 4000 years, in fact researchers tell us that Tiger Nuts were the primary source of food for Cavemen, and as such are terrific for those on the Paleo Diet, and simply if you want to snack healthily!

We have two varieties of Tiger Nuts, both are 100% Gluten Free, All Natural, High in Fiber, Dairy Free, Nut Free (they are a tuber), Low in Fats and Calories and we believe they are the "Healthiest 'single source' snack food on the market".

Our desire is to inspire people to eat and act more healthily, and try to make a difference by supporting groups like Celiac.org, Juvenile Diabetes and Save the Tigers, so thanks for your support!

Allergen Policy

Tiger Nuts are free from the following allergens:

• Cereals containing gluten

• crustacean

• Egg

• Fish

• Milk

• Peanut

• Sesame seed

• Soybean

• Tree nuts

To support our statement we can show a certificate of allergens and certificate of ingredients.

In addition we have certification that we take all measures possible to eliminate any cross-contamination and would be happy to show any interested parties.

Satisfaction Policy

If you go to the "Buy Now" page at www.tigernutsusa.com, you will see the following:

Thank you for purchasing our Premium Organic and/or our Supreme Peeled Tiger Nuts.

We promise to expedite your order swiftly and sincerely hope that you enjoy them. They will arrive fresh to you and if for any reason you have an issue or problem, just drop Jim or myself an e-mail at nuts@tigernutsusa.com and we promise to make it right!

That's our Company Satisfaction Policy - It's that simple!