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Barney & Co. California produces all-natural almond butters and almond products that are Non-GMO verified, Kosher, Gluten Free, peanut-free, and produced with locally sourced almonds from central valley California - otherwise known as “Almond Alley”. Barney & Co. California is family-owned and operated, bringing you delicious, smooth, and responsibly crafted almond butter from farm-to-jar!

Why is Barney Butter better? We blanche our almonds (remove the skin) leaving you with the naturally sweet, creamy flavor of the almond inside. With our selection of Smooth, Crunchy, Bare Smooth, and a variety of creatively cultivated flavors, there’s a Barney Butter for everyone! Barney Almond Butters are manufactured in our very own plant in Fresno, California, home to over 80% of the world’s almond supply. Our facilities are almond-only making the rich, nutritious, and versatile almond available to those with peanut and other nut allergies. Barney Butter’s ingredient profile, packaging, and supply chain are sustainably sourced wherever possible, delivering you healthy and delicious products that you can feel great about eating.

Barney Butter is the third-largest and fastest growing nut butter companies on the market. Our products are available both nation-wide and internationally.

Allergen Policy

You are safe with us! Barney Butter almond butters do not contain peanuts and are made in our own facility that is certified peanut-free, meaning our entire supply chain is peanut-free. We perform an exhaustive clean-out between production runs of each of our almond butter flavors because we do also process coconut, which is an ingredient in one of our almond butter flavors (please see below).

We do not process any nuts in our facility other than almonds so there is no risk of cross-contamination with any other tree nuts including cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, pecans, brazil nuts, etc. In addition, we do not process any dairy, eggs, soy, fish, shellfish, beans, or grain in our facility.

We also do not process any seeds, including sesame, in our facility. We do, however, process coconut (which is included in the tree-nut category by the FDA) because we use it in our Cocoa + Coconut almond butter.

To ensure that there is no cross-contamination in our factory all raw materials that enter our factory must be accompanied by a receipt of origin certifying that where they have come from is free from other tree nuts, dairy, eggs, grain, and seed products not used in our products. The exception is coconut because it is an ingredient in one of our almond butter flavors. Our factory is also subject to regular FDA audits as well as regular sterilization wash downs.

Satisfaction Policy

If you have any issues with our products, have product or customer service inquiries, or general questions, comments, or feedback please contact us via the Help Desk.

If you have any issues with quality assurance and/or product satisfaction, please send us a message and we will work to find the best solution. If your product is within the expiration date, you may receive a replacement product or the equivalent value in locally-redeemable coupons on a circumstantial basis.