Skips Candies
Manufacturer Information
Company Information

Skips Candies is the manufacturer of quality chocolates, including molds, in a dedicated nut free environment.

Allergen Policy

Skips Candies is free from all Peanuts & Tree Nuts.

Our facility is a dedicated Nut Free environment. We also make sure not to allow any highly fractioned oils and we also restrict Coconut (as it is a Tree Nut by the FDA).

We require that any raw materials we purchase from other manufacturers require a statement that the items we are receiving are also from a safe nut free environment.

Our labeling is on each package with the ingredients and possible cross-contamination allergens. Our website also lists all ingredients and possible cross-contaminants.

Currently our only routine testing is verification the site is clear from Peanuts & Tree Nuts by an Allergen Detection Dog that is certified in Peanut & Tree Nut Detection.

Satisfaction Policy

We are a manufacturer and each retail location has it's own policies on satisfaction & returns. However if a customer was to contact us we would want to make that customer happy and resolve the issue to the best of our abilities.