PASCHA Chocolate Company
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PASCHA CHOCOLATE was created by parents of allergy suffering children to produce allergen-free gourmet chocolate - completely free of all 8 major allergens (and more) and no taste compromise. We believe that the purer the chocolate the better the taste and the safer for all to eat and enjoy.

PASCHA makes a range of bars and chips with different cocoa percentages to suit all taste preferences and we produce bars with selected flavors that can be verified as allergen-free.

Allergen Policy

PASCHA is made in a facility that never touches any of the 8 major allergens. In addition, PASCHA is sesame, sulphite and mustard free. All employees have to comply with the allergen-free policy while in the facility, and clothing and food is provided to them to ensure this.

In addition external suppliers are tested before being authorized to supply ingredients, and we randomly test finished products for allergens.

Satisfaction Policy

PASCHA will accept returns if consumers are not completely satisfied with the product.