Manufacturer Information
Company Information

We offer clean-label, low-sugar snack bars sweetener with allulose.

SIMPLE bars have no hidden sugars; no sugar alcohols, no stevia, no brown rice syrup, no glucose syrup, and no artificial flavors.

We are the first US snack brand certified '0g Teaspoon Sugar' and 'Reduced Sugar' by Sugarwise.

Packed with superfoods, our gluten-free bars come in four flavors: Almond & Dragonfruit, Chocolate Sea Salt, Walnut & Golden Spices, Almond Matcha & Chia.

The bars are perfect for people with sugar-related issues such as Diabetes, Hashimoto's, or anyone

looking to lower their sugar intake.

We use minimalist and simple ingredients. In fact, "our ingredients do the talking”.

Allergen Policy

We manufacture all our products in a dedicated facility free from wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, egg, sesame fish & shellfish.

Our products contain peanuts and tree nuts.

Satisfaction Policy

Due to our strict allergen policy, we do not accept returns. We are more than happy to replace your snacks with another product, just contact us directly on our website or by emailing to learn more.