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Safe Foodie Sticks give all people with food allergies and intolerances a clear way of identifying the absence of their specific food allergen in any meal, baked good or food item. Safe Foodie Sticks will assist the food industry and individuals in helping to avoid the risk of cross contamination or accidental ingestion when eating food that is not individually labeled for sale- especially when the allergen is not easy to identify, such as dairy or egg in baked goods.

We carry Safe Foodie Sticks for the Top 8 Allergens plus have one for Coconut, Gluten and a No Allergen Stick.

Allergen Policy

We do not carry any food products. Here is a bit more about what we are made from.

All of the wood used to make our Safe Foodie Sticks is not imported, it is 100% birch and is sustainably harvested by state regulation in Maine. It is processed at a facility that is certified by the FDA, it is “ISO Compliant” and closely regulated, as our products go into food. Our product is raw wood and is not altered or treated in any way with varnishes, resins or other topical applications. It is “GRAS” or Generally Regarded As Safe, by the FDA.

Each Safe Foodie Stick is cut and hand engraved by laser. We do this to ensure that the sticks are free from chemicals and harsh substances. Because we only use 100% natural birch that is unaltered, the color and grain of each stick may vary.

The Baggies that we use to contain your Safe Foodie Sticks are BPA Free, FDA Approved, Re-sealable and are Recyclable LDPE.

We are proud to be 100% harvested and created in the U.S.A.

Satisfaction Policy

Please contact me directly if you are not satisfied with your Safe Foodie Sticks.