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Allergen Policy

There are 8 major allergens currently recognized by the FDA. They are:

• Peanuts

• Tree Nuts (including almond, brazil, cashew, hazelnut, macadamia, pine, pistachio, and coconut)

• Milk (whey and casein)

• Eggs (albumin and yolk)

• Soybean (with protein chain intact)

• Wheat (and glutens from rye, barley, oats, tricale, graham, granary, millet, and spelt)

• Fish (bass, flounder, cod)

• Crustacean Shellfish (crab, shrimp, lobster, crayfish, clams, mussels, and oysters)

1. There will be periodic reviews of specifications, ingredients, and suppliers to verify the presence or absence of allergens. Such activities will be documented, signed, and dated upon completion, and shall occur no less than yearly and could include inspection reports, questionnaires, and supplier provided documentation.

2. Allergens are identified on the Certificates of Analysis of compounded materials such as seasoning.

3. Allergenic ingredients or components shall be identified on product labels of all materials received by Utz for use in food production.

4. Allergens shall be identified as such in various ways.

- Full Pallets shall carry color coded labels identifying the allergen. The tag shall be placed on the bottom layer inside the stretch wrap so the tag stays with the product after the wrap is removed.

- If the pallet tag is removed or bags are restacked on a partial pallet without the pallet tag, every bag shall be labeled with a color coded identification tag. This is to insure identification of the material as an allergen. (Note: When material is labeled by the vendor with color coded tags and easily visible allergen identification it is not necessary to re-label individual bags.)

- Partial bags or containers other than original packaging shall clearly identify the material AND its allergen component. Example: Cheez Blast Seasoning; Dairy Allergen. Use of color coded storage containers is strongly advised.

- In Plant 2 where wheat is an ingredient in all products, no special handling or identification of wheat/flour ingredients is required. Bulk packages of pretzels packed at Plant 2 for use as an ingredient in other Utz product shall identify Wheat allergen and carry a yellow allergen label.

Cross Contamination Policies

1. To reduce the possibility of line people contaminating non allergen lines the glove policy in the GMP’s are to be strictly monitored. Whenever an employee goes from an allergen to a non-allergen line clean gloves are to be used.

2. As referenced in the GMP policy, uniforms are to be clean and well kept.

3. Maintenance tools are to be cleaned after work is performed on an allergen line.

4. Personnel who work on a line where allergens are being processed shall avoid the packaging department and non-allergen lines.

Satisfaction Policy

"We unconditionally guarantee all UTZ products. If you are ever dissatisfied, return the unused portion to the store where purchased for a full refundor satifactory replace, or write us at 900 High Street, Hanover, PA 17331. Please include the name of the store where purchased, the price/code mark on the front of this package and the reason for dissatisfaction."

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