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We are Kosher, dairy & HACCP.

Allergen Policy

Peanut/Tree Nut/Sesame Seed Policy

Touché Bakery is Peanuts/Tree Nuts and Sesame Seed free environment. Any products that contain “Peanuts/Tree Nuts and/or Sesame Seeds” cannot be brought into the facility at any time. This means that your lunch cannot contain any peanut/tree nuts and sesame seeds. Please read your labels. Employees cannot consume any peanuts/tree nuts/sesame seeds at least 24 hours prior to coming to work. If for any reason you consume peanuts/tree nuts/sesame seeds less than 24 hours before coming to work you must call Touché Bakery at 519 455 0044 and leave a message for Wendy Hofner that you will not be coming to work due to consuming peanuts/tree nuts/sesame seeds. If an employee is aware of anybody eating peanuts/tree nuts and sesame seeds less than 24 hours prior to coming to work or anybody having lunch with peanuts/tree nuts or sesame seeds please notify Wendy Hofner, Alan Swartz, Vickie Suter, Sarka Walsh immediately.

Please be aware that spot checks of your lunches will be performed. Also, Touché Bakery has purchased test kit for peanut / tree nut/ and sesame seed detection so therefore random testing will be performed on uniforms, employees hands and any other necessary areas.

If peanuts/tree nuts/sesame seeds are detected through this test, employees will be suspended pending investigation and progressive discipline will be administered.

Allergen Testing Standard Operating Procedures


FREQUENCY, Minimum - Monthly

PRECAUTIONS, Ensure test kit instructions are followed correctly


A training Matrix is made outlining each employee, what training they need, when they received it and by whom.

When training is received it is recorded on a HAD070 Training Record Form

The training Matrix is updated as new SOP’s are made and new Programs are started.

Annually HACCP/QA will Review the Training Matrix to ensure it is up to date.

New hires will have HACCP, Safety, GMP training before they start work.

Periodic outside lab testing of our products are sent for allergen testing to validate our policy.

Satisfaction Policy

We cannot accept returns due to the nut free policies we have in place but we will do everything possible to satisfy all our customers.