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Favalicious® Roasted Fava Bean Snacks in three flavors: Chili & Lime, Wasabi & Ginger, Salt & Vinegar

We are at the forefront of transformative trends and are changing every aspect of the food industry in nutrition, performance, lifestyle and purpose. We are Allergy Friendly, clean label, highest quality ingredients.

* Best of both worlds! Delicious, healthy and filling

* Favas taste like nuts, without the allergy risk factor

* Packed with 14 grams of plant protein and 16 grams of fiber

* Free from 8 top allergens

* No added sugars, low sodium

* Gluten Free

* Non-GMO project verified, Vegan Certified and Kosher.

* Keto friendly

Allergen Policy

Manufactured in a dedicated fava beans only facility.

Free from top 8 allergens.

Satisfaction Policy

We offer a money back guarantee on anybody not satisfied with product.