Nuttee Bean Co., LLC
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MIAMI, FLORIDA – Nuttee Bean Co. is excited to announce the launch of its Nuttee Bean Whole Roasted Fava Beans. The belted, crunchy fava bean snacks hit the market this summer bringing three flavors to tantalize taste buds while providing fiber and protein, no trans-fat, no artificial flavors, and no cholesterol. Nuttee Bean Whole Roasted Fava Beans can also boast that they are completely allergen-free, processed in a special nut-free facility.

Allergen Policy

We are manufacturing and processing our roasted fava beans in a dedicated facility just for fava beans.

There is routine testing for peanut and tree nut allergens.

We have tested for cross contamination all 8 allergens. Peanut, Tree Nut, Soy, Milk, Fish, Egg, Wheat(Gluten) , Shellfish. On a production run basis.

Satisfaction Policy

We offer a money back guarantee on anybody not satisfied with product.