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With Zee Zees It’s Z’all Good

They come in all shapes and sizes. All different flavors and with all different personalities. But they’re pretty much all good at the same thing - being great sidekicks.

They’re great gym partners and darn good study buddies. They’ll go just about anywhere for lunch, and they don’t mind running errands. Really, you’ll find it a lot harder to find something you can’t do with one.

Climb a mountain? They love backpacks. Beat that top score? They’re good at all times of the night. If there’s room with you, they can go with you.

On Planet Z where the Zee Zees come from, lending a hand is the name of the game - so when they came to earth that’s what they did. And they’ve been doing us all a world of good ever since.

Whatever you do, you can do it with a little more fun with a little help from the Zee Zees.

Allergen Policy

We develop our products with food allergies in mind, but allergens vary from product to product. We advise customers to read labels carefully. All Zee Zees products are clearly labeled for common food allergens.

Satisfaction Policy

We stand behind what we sell and do the right thing, always! If you're not satisfied or need to address issues, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@zeezees.com or call us at 800-886-6866 and we can help you as soon as possible.