Safe Sweets - Allergen Friendly Chocolates
Manufacturer Information
Company Information

Safe Sweets is a family owned business located in Cleveland, Ohio, that makes allergen friendly chocolates. All of our products are handmade and hand-packaged in our dedicated nut-free and dairy-free facility. Our safe and delicious chocolate is free from the Top 12 Food Allergens (with the exception of our Chocolate Marshmallow Clusters, which contain soy protein, and our Chocolate Pretzel Bark, which contains corn starch). We sell our products either online directly to the public, or to retailers and/or wholesalers for resale to the public. Our entire product line is Gluten-Free and Non-GMO, however, we do not yet have a third-party certification as to either of those claims.

Allergen Policy

Nearly all of our products are free from the Top 12 Allergens, including: tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, eggs, soy, sesame, mustard, sulfites, corn, fish, shellfish and gluten. As mentioned above, our only allergen exceptions are (1) our Chocolate Marshmallow Clusters contain soy protein, and (2) our Chocolate Pretzel Bark contains corn starch.

We have carefully and meticulously vetted all of our suppliers to ensure that none of our inputs are manufactured on a line that contains any of the above-mentioned allergens. And within our own facility, we manufacture our marshmallow clusters and pretzel bark separately from all of our other products so as to avoid cross contamination of the soy protein included in the marshmallows and the corn starch included in the pretzels.

Satisfaction Policy

We take our customer’s satisfaction very seriously and respond to all inquiries and/or complaints within 48 hours of receipt. If a customer’s products arrive damaged, they must send us pictures of the defective product(s) immediately with a brief explanation. We quickly evaluate their claim/pictures, and if approved, we will issue them a return authorization and shipping label so that they can send the items back to us for replacement. However, we are extremely careful with our packaging and shipping, so historically, this has not been an issue.