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Ultimate Baker manufactures and distributes a growing range of all-natural baking, cake decorating, drink and kids snack products. From our kosher certified naturally colored baking sugars, donut sugars, salts, cotton candy sugars to our sprinkles and powdered sugars, we color it all - naturally!

At the heart of Ultimate Baker is our proprietary Ultimate Food Color system developed and refined for the baking and cake decorating industry. This system has taken years to perfect, and we are still not done as we continue to test new and emerging plant opportunities. Today, our Ultimate Food Color System is being used by food manufacturers, processors, beverage and beer companies and many others. For us, it's the basis from which we color all our products from our sugars to sprinkles and ensures a synthetic and preservative free option for our customers while also ensuring key allergens are absent as well.

Ultimate Baker strives to manufacture the best in all naturally colored food ingredients. To do this we employ strict internal controls as well as working hard to provide the best in customer service for accounts of all sizes. Some of our key differentiators include:

1) We are a US-based manufacturer and pride ourselves in the freshness and quality of our ingredients.

2) Our range of natural colors and their ease of use for commercial and home bakers alike.

3) Our flavors are all natural and avoid synthetics and any chemical ingredients.

4) Our focus on developing a food color system that is plant and vegetable based.

5) Product quality accreditations and industry awards.

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Allergen Policy

Ultimate Baker maintains strict policies towards allergens and any potential for cross-contamination. We work closely with our suppliers to minimize allergen risks of all kinds.

Our facility does not process or allow nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, shelf fish, fish, or wheat.

Our products are gluten free and naturally colored using real fruit or vegetables. The vast majority of our products are also kosher and vegan.

We do have soy lecithin in a few of our sprinkle blends. These products are run on separate lines and are clearly labelled.

Satisfaction Policy

Ultimate Baker strives to work with our customers to ensure they have the product they need when they need it. Please contact us directly for any specific product questions.

Product may be returned within 7 days providing the product has not been opened. Please contact our team for more details.