Late July Snacks
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Since 2003, Late July has paved the way in the organic, non-GMO tortilla chip market by authentically crafting classic, delicious snacks with real ingredients. Late July offers a variety of gluten-free, vegan and Kosher products including five different varieties of tortilla chips: Restaurant Style tortilla chips, Dippers tortilla chips, No Grain tortilla chips, Multigrain tortilla chips, Clásico tortilla chips, as well as Organic potato chips, Classic crackers, and other delicious snacks.

Allergen Policy

Late July Snacks has produced our line of organic multigrain tortilla chips to be a very low allergen risk. We have specifically formulated our chips without most common allergens. Late July Snacks is cautious in selecting suppliers to ensure they are reliable and provide the highest quality and safest ingredients. Our packaging’s ingredient statement clearly identifies any potential allergens. Any allergen ingredient is specifically identified in the production areas as an “allergen” to ensure avoidance of cross contamination. Thorough allergen cleanings are performed between any production runs involving any allergen ingredient.

Satisfaction Policy

Late July is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.