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Our mission is to end childhood malnutrition worldwide. To do that, we developed a simple giving model – we sell the best snacks, so we can give the best life-saving nutrition. We work with experts in the field who deliver that nutrition where it's needed most, both domestically and abroad. Every time you buy a bar, we send food aid to a child in need.

Allergen Policy

This Saves Lives utilizes the process controls of our ingredient suppliers and contract

manufacturers for regulatory compliance of Allergens. A review of policies and procedures is performed

to qualify and maintain compliance with regulating bodies. Periodic on-site visits and second party

audits are conducted to evaluate and review procedures.

The following eight allergens are reviewed and controlled for

1. Peanuts

2. Soybeans

3. Milk

4. Eggs

5. Fish

6. Shellfish (crustacean)

7. Tree Nuts

8. Wheat

Policy and/or Procedures Evaluated

1. HACCP Policy and Process Flow

2. Sanitation Policy

3. Allergen Control Policy

4. Inventory Control

5. Documentation and record keeping

6. Avoidance of cross-contact through physical barriers, control of traffic patterns, and other


7. Procedures to address allergen control activities, including the staging, warehousing and scaling

of allergenic ingredients to prevent cross contact with non-allergenic ingredients is reviewed annually or as necessary prior to annual review.

Satisfaction Policy

At This Saves Lives we like to demonstrate integrity in everything we do and want our customers to be happy with our products. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase please contact us by emailing