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Ka-Pop! Ancient Grain Snacks delivers the trifecta of benefits consumers are looking for – authentic nutrition, unbelievable great taste, and simple ingredients. Ka-Pop! is the very first 100% Ancient Grain snack on the market and is always non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, top 12 allergen-free, but NOT Taste Free! Our two product lines, Chips, and Puffs have each earned near-perfect 5-star reviews.

Our products are clean, containing three main ingredients –Ancient Grain Sorghum, olive/sunflower oil, and 100% natural seasonings. Ka-Pop! delights consumers, from the joy of the packaging to the taste that consistently exceeds all expectations. They are the perfect replacement for tortilla chips, pretzels, unhealthy puffs, popcorn, and other snacks that overwhelm our snack aisles and guts with empty carbohydrates and massive over-processing.

We are making healthy snacking FUN AND DELICIOUS through an energetic and joyful brand with craveable snacks. We celebrate the innate nutrition and taste potential of Ancient Grains, as they are authentically healthy, free from common allergens, and delicious. We are also proud of their significant sustainability story: over 91% of the land it's grown on uses ZERO irrigation, and they help put nutrients back into the soil. At Ka-Pop!, we believe there shouldn’t be a compromise between taste, health, sustainability —and of course — fun!