The Cookie Crave
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Gourmet Delicious Nut Free Cookies and Yummy Gluten Free Vegan Cookies

Allergen Policy

The entire bakery is Nut Free.

All Gluten Free/Vegan cookies are made using seperate utensils and equipment.

The only shared equipment is the Convection Oven even though only one product is baked at a time and the oven is cleaned in between baking Nut Free cookies and Gluten free vegan cookies the same oven is used.

There is routine testing by the owner of all incoming ingredients periodically.

All cookies are labeled as Nut Free and the Gluten Free Vegan Cookies are labeled as made without gluten, dairy, soy or nuts.

Satisfaction Policy

At any time you are not satisified please contact us at for a full refund. We want to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied and will also answers any questions or concerns at the above email address.