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Company Information

ZEGO is a food and food technology company that meets the health and safety needs of 21st Century shoppers--featuring organic, gluten-free, allergy-friendly, low-glycemic, superfood-based energy bars.

Allergen Policy

All ZEGO products are made without the top 14 allergens. Our facility is allergen-free, which means it does not process peanut, tree nuts, soy, diary, wheat, fish, shellfish, egg, mustard or sesame.

We allergen and gluten test a random sample of every batch we make immediately after it is produced for peanuts, gluten, almond, soy, dairy, and egg down to 2.5PPM and make the testing results available to consumers through our packaging and website. We may also be testing for pistachio, walnuts, and pecan in the future (due to testing limitations, we could not do that with our last batch but we plan to try again with our next batch).

Consumer can access the allergen and gluten test results instantly in several ways via our packaging and marketing materials -- by scanning the QR code or texting to the text code on our package, or by using their Android or iPhone 6 to access the NFC chip in our in-store displays.

We also test for glyphosate residue and over 400 other agricultural chemicals.

Satisfaction Policy

If our product is shown to be defective, we offer a money back guarantee. We are happy to discuss any other reasons customers may not be satisfied and consider their request for refund of payment.