Forgetful Chef, LLC
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Forgetful Chef products are inspired by a powerful, but simple set of ideas. We believe that snack food should be tasty but shouldn't be loaded with empty calories. Whether you're hiking, needing a little fuel before a big workout or just relaxing on the couch watching the game. Your snack food should help you lead a healthier lifestyle. We take extra effort to get the cleanest, most wholesome ingredients possible. Our ingredients are carefully sourced from allergy friendly vendors. This helps us keep our products fresh and safe. We only use wholesome real ingredients like fruits, seeds, spices, and honey. No added sugars, additives or preservatives. Each one of our snack bites is free from the top 12 US food allergens.

Allergen Policy

We use strict cleaning processes before and after each batch of snack bites are created to avoid any possible sources of cross-contamination with any of the Top 12 US food allergens. Our bites exclude the following allergens:

• tree nuts

• peanuts

• soy

• dairy

• gluten

• mustard

• sesame

• shellfish/crustaceans

• fish

• eggs

• corn

• wheat