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We manufacture and distribute snack products in the US. Our products are all gluten and dairy free. We have a new line of Chickpea Butter that will be made in a top 8 allergen free facility.

Allergen Policy

• Field Trip Snacks takes foods allergies very seriously because they affect our consumers. We have an Allergen Control Program (ACP) which includes identifying, and controlling food allergens in our processing facility from the incoming ingredients until the final product. The ACP addresses our raw material storage, use of rework, sanitation, labeling control, staff training, production scheduling and good manufacturing practices.

• We have procedures and training for our staff to prevent any cross contamination occurring in our site. Our suppliers of raw ingredients and packaging are risk assessed to determine the probability of unintentional presence of allergen. With this information our staff can identify allergen containing ingredients on receipt in our site and store the material in designated areas.

• We constantly review our product labeling in accordance with the USDA FSIS; Label definition, required features (9 CFR 317.2), and Ingredients statement (9 CFR 381.118).

• Our goal is to provide safe, high quality food products for our consumers. Therefore, we have developed strict rules about the labeling of allergens on our products.

• Our allergen labeling policy consists of two parts, when labeling of allergens that are part of the product formulation:

1) We will always declare the presence of any of the top allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, milk, egg, soy, wheat, fish and crustacean/shellfish) whenever they are part of the recipe regardless of the source (e.g., flavors, spices, colors, other minor ingredients, etc.).

2) We will label these allergens in commonly understood terms at least once within the ingredient listing (e.g., Isolated Soy Protein.)

• When we declare the presence of allergens, we keep our communication as simple as possible, there are two types of declaration we make on our packaging:

o ‘CONTAINS (name of allergen)’, when we have used an ingredient that is an allergen

We will declare the allergen in the so-called ‘contains statement’. This is part of the label known as the allergen declaration. We may also highlight the ingredient within the list of ingredients. When it is not possible to use an allergen declaration on the label due to regulatory or other reasons, in the case of some products in some parts of the world, we will always highlight the allergen in the list of ingredients.

o ‘MAY CONTAIN (name of allergen)’, when an allergen may be present unintentionally

We will also provide information through the use of a so-called ‘may contain’ statement. The use of this statement is part of a program to manage the presence of allergens across everything we do, from ingredients, manufacturing, to finished products. We do everything we can to eliminate unintentional allergens, and we only use the ‘may contain’ statement when there is a real risk, albeit low, to an allergic consumer.

• Both ‘contains’ and ‘may contain’ mean that if you are sensitive to the specific allergen(s), no matter which way it is listed on the package, you should avoid the product.

• If you have allergy concerns, it is important to carefully read the information on each package. Ingredient and allergen information listed on a package is only for the food contained in that package. It is not intended for other packages even of what appears to be the same product. Ingredients may vary from one package to another due to product reformulation or where the product is produced. If you would like additional information, you may contact us at 646-681-8600.

Satisfaction Policy

Field Trip Snacks has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't happy with your purchase for any reason you can contact us for a replacement item or refund.