Give and Go Prepared Foods Corp
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Give and Go Prepared Foods Corporation is a corporate whole sale bakery provider that innovates and produces baked goods specifically for the in-store bakery.

Our core brands include two-bite®, Create A Treat™, Kimberley's Bakeshoppe™, The Worthy Crumb™, and Mason St. Bakehouse.

Allergen Policy

1. Which Allergens are entirely excluded:

Peanuts & Tree nuts are entirely excluded from 4 of our facilities. It is important to note that in one of our facilities (not included in the four mentioned), products are deemed peanut tree nut free for Canada however, due to the presence of coconut in the facility, we cannot claim "tree nut free" for US products. It is important to note that coconut containing products are made on an exclusive isolated line and coconut is projected to move out of the facility by September 2021.

2. Routine Testing for Ingredients or FG:

Yes, we have both. Based on risk assessment incoming material are randomly swabbed. We do have some select raw materials, again based on risk that require on their COA for each lot, the allergen test results. Finished products will be tested as part of our Allergen status validation.

All our ingredients are assessed to ensure it is sourced out from Peanut and Tree Nut Free Facility. Assessment of ingredient which is based on qty or volume used and risk is done to determine which ingredient will be tested on a monthly basis. Specific ingredients will be tested for absence of Peanut and Tree nut following Allergen schedule. On a monthly basis, Sanitation cleaning is verified after an allergen change over through equipment swabbing. First pack of finished product produced on line will be tested for the absence of allergen based on type of allergen present from the previous run.

3. Dedicated lines for processing specific allergens:

No specific lines dedicated to allergens, however, the coconut on one of the facilities is isolated to one line.

4. Labelling policies:

All labels have “may contain” statements on the back with allergens (eg milk, soy, wheat, etc.) of which cross contamination is possible.

Satisfaction Policy

We encourage consumers to write into our customer service team for product inquiries, questions, concerns, complaints.