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From our bakery here in Central Florida we plan to change the world. Just Healthy is not enough. Our challenge is to create amazingly healthy, absolutely delicious and nutrient dense “fun food” that is affordable, available to satisfy your familiar cravings during breakfast, lunch, snack time and dinner. Trying nearly every ingredient combination known on the market to make the tastiest and healthiest products. It took many years to develop our delicious prod­ucts that are gluten, starch and sugar free. The Smartbun®, Smartcakes® and Smartmuf'ns, put you in the driver seat of your diet.

Allergen Policy

HACCP- Allergen Preventive Controls:

1. Food Allergen Ingredient Analysis

2. Allergen Verification Listing

3. Allergen Schedule and Cleaning Implications

4. Comprehensive employee training

5. Dedicated suppliers

6. Employee uniform program

7. Color coded

8. Hygienic Zones.

9. Pre-Operational Checklist

Satisfaction Policy

We are committed to customer satisfaction and handle every consumer issue on a human-to-human level using a "customer is always right" approach.100% Satisfaction Guarantee- We will replace any item that is not fully enjoyed by our customer, no matter why and no matter where it may have been purchased. No questions asked.