Bageladies, LLC
Manufacturer Information
Company Information

Manufacturer of Bake'mm Bagels-- healthy NY-style bagels that do not spike your blood sugar. Innovative, patented, low-glycemic, with 60% fewer sugars, and zero wheat starch glucose. Crispy, chewy, fresh, and convenient. Stock your freezer and bake a fresh, home-baked bagel in about 10 minutes. Free of 13 of the 14 EU listed allergens-- our only allergen is wheat.

Allergen Policy

The Bake'mm Bagel factory operated by Bageladies is dedicated to principles of strict scrutiny in ingredient sourcing and keeping our facility free from the 13 potential allergens on the EU-14 list.






•Milk and products thereof (including lactose)

•Nuts, namely: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecan nuts, Brazil nuts, pistachio nuts, macadamia

or Queensland nuts



•Sesame seeds

•Sulphur dioxide and sulphites




We are a single-product manufacturing company and no other products are run on our production line, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.


We follow strict guidelines for ingredient sourcing to make sure that all ingredients are verified to be allergen safe and have no risk of cross-contamination.

Satisfaction Policy

100% satisfaction guaranteed. We're not happy unless you're happy. Call for return authorization or full credit.