Sunday Market Foods
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Company Information

Sunday Market Foods is a Canadian food manufacturer specializing in gluten-free products that are vegetarian or fully plant-based. All products are clean label, with no GMOs, no white sugars, no syrups, no hydrogenated fats. We use fresh locally sourced vegetables whenever possible and we are Plastic Negative Certified.

Allergen Policy

We are a dedicated gluten-free facility, so we don't carry or buy any products that have gluten, and the products that we source are also listed as gluten-free, but there is no testing made in sourced products.

As we describe on our packaging all products may contain traces of milk, eggs, nuts, and soy. We don't actively use any nuts in our process or products, but we use chocolate that indicates that they might have traces of nuts. All products have full-day production schedules, so if we are producing a plant-based option, that means no dairy-containing products will be made in the same period of time. As per health guidelines, the facility is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between production cycles, to minimize any risk of cross-contact.