Goetze's Candy Company, Inc.
Manufacturer Information
Company Information

Goetze's Candy is a family owned company located in Baltimore, Maryland. Founded in 1895, Goetze's Candy has been making sweet treats in the USA for over 120 years. Since the 1940's, our main product has been Caramel Creams®—a soft, chewy caramel wrapped around a cream center. In 1984, Goetze’s Candy introduced Cow Tales®, a thin stick version of the classic Caramel Creams®.

Today, Caramel Creams® are available in six flavors—vanilla, original chocolate, chocolate, strawberry, apple, and licorice—and Cow Tales® are available in four flavors—vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and apple.

Allergen Policy

Goetze’s Candy Co., Inc. manufacturers Caramel Creams® and Cow Tales® in a nut free facility.

Goetze’s Caramel Creams® and Cow Tales® contain wheat, milk, and soy ingredients.

Satisfaction Policy

Questions or comments? Please email consumerrelations@goetzecandy.com or call Goetze’s Candy Company, Inc. at 410-342-2010 between 9am and 4pm EST, Monday through Friday. Please have the package available so we may gather information from the label.