JSB Industries, Inc. dba/ Muffin Town
Manufacturer Information
Company Information

We are a wholesale bakery with plants in Chelsea MA and Lawrence MA. We manufacture muffins, snack loaves, cornbread, bagels, muffin tops, cookie dough and SunWise peanut free sunbutter and grape jelly sandwiches on crustless whole grain bread

Allergen Policy

* Our Lawrence MA manufacturing plant and Chelsea MA manufacturing plant are " peanut and tree nut free" facilities. We manufacture our SunWise Sunbutter and jelly sandwiches at the Lawrence MA plant.

Satisfaction Policy

Our company thoroughly investigates any issues that arise regarding product quality or customer dissatisfaction.

Our QA team researches each issue individually, generating a detailed report of the issue and steps taken to resolve the issue. This report is sent by request to any/all affected parties.

We accept product returns within a specific time period, always striving to accommodate our customers.