Roli Roti
Manufacturer Information
Company Information

Roli Roti began in 2002 as America's first gourmet rotisserie food truck.

Founded by Thomas Odermatt, a third generation master butcher from Switzerland, Roli Roti trucks continue to sling its famed rotisserie meats to Bay Area residents daily. With a desire to nourish people beyond the Bay Area, Roli Roti began a line of premium retail products, including it's Butcher's Bone Broth.

Roli Roti's line of Butcher products aim to empower home cooks to make more more delicious, more nutritious meals without any extra effort or time.

Allergen Policy

Roli Roti owns and operates its own USDA facility in Oakland, California and is a major allergen-free plant and does not take intake any ingredients that are allergens. During intake, our Quality Assurance Manager has put in place many stop-gaps to insure there is no contamination from outside sources.

Satisfaction Policy

We have a strong stance with customer satisfaction. We answer all customer inquiries within 24 hours to address questions about our broth, any complaints, etc.

Because our product is sold nationally and we are a small team we do handle everything on a case by case basis for what is appropriate and what is required--for some we may issue a refund, we may send replacement product, or we may lean on our retail partners to help us.