Still Riding Foods, LLC
Manufacturer Information
Company Information

Still Riding Foods manufactures and distributes gluten free vegan pizza crust and fully prepared frozen gluten free pizza.

Allergen Policy

These major Food allergens are entirely excluded from our products:



Crustacean Shellfish


Tree Nuts



Gluten - Wheat, Rye, Barley

Highly refined oils derived from any of these ingredients are exempt from the labeling Requirement; however, neither congress nor the FDA has defined "highly refined".

This allergen program assumes that vegetable oils used at Still Riding Foods are non-allergenic.

Each product formula is evaluated for the presence of the allergens listed above.

Product is tested monthly to insure it is gluten free. This product is compliant with the FDA final ruling for gluten free products of September 4th, 2013. It contains less than 10 PPM gluten per kilogram.

Currently Still Riding Foods is only manufacturing one product formula, in 2 sizes, and multiple pack configurations. This product does not contain any of the allergens listed above. Ingredients are guaranteed to be allergen free by our suppliers. Our employees have been trained on the safe handling of our products and our SOP's prevent the introduction of allergens into our process.

This program will be revised as formulas are added and ingredients change.

Procedure to Ensure Correct Raw Ingredients & Packaging are Used AND Procedure for handling instances of mislabeling/mispackaging.

Still Riding Foods ensures that correct raw ingredients and packaging are used prior to the release of each lot. The batch lot report includes all raw material information and is recorded each day. A review of the batch record is completed, confirmed, and initialed by facility management before product is released.

Still Riding Foods only produces and offers a single product, which gives further assurance that correct ingredients and packaging are used.

If mislabeled or mispackaged product is released, the corrective action would be a product recall.

Satisfaction Policy

Procedure for Consumer Complaints

In the event of a consumer/customer complaint, the following procedure is to be followed.

• Management level employees will report all customer complaints to company owners to handle.

• The complaint or problem will be thoroughly investigated with detailed documentation of all findings.

• Determination of the root cause will be made through investigation.

• Appropriate steps will be taken if corrective actions are determined to be required.

• Once there is resolution to the problem, follow up and closure to complaint will be conducted.

• Any consumer complaints will be logged and reviewed for the company’s overall improvement and customer safety and satisfaction.