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Winona Pure Oils are able to do what no other cooking sprays on the market can do—provide your meals, and popcorn, with a natural and pure taste without the use of chemical propellants. Our products offer you the convenience of an aerosol spray that can be safely sprayed directly on your food. Our mission is to change the way people think about cooking sprays. Make it your mission to Purify Your Life with Winona Pure’s 100% real oils. We take pride in our oil line because they are pure oils in a can using BOV technology allowing us to manufacture a product with NO propellants, chemicals, soy, nuts, etc.

Allergen Policy

Our Winona Pure Oils do not contain any allergens. They are 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Sunflower Oil, nonGMO Canola Oil and our Butter Flavored Canola Oil.

Satisfaction Policy

We focus highly on customer satisfaction! It is our mission to provide our customers with safe and pure oils 100% of the time!